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Yildiz Shotgun has become the pride of Turkey with its deep expertise in its field, variety of its products, skilled workforce, production capacity, advanced quality and its high value add. With over 40 years of experience, Yildiz Shotgun has been producing 45.000 shotguns yearly, in 70 different models tailored to the needs of customers and with world class standards. All of the products have been developed with modern production technology and by its own technical team's unique designs. By using differentiating innovative ideas, Yildiz Shotgun is able to achieve its project even in most competitive conditions.


With its product quality and after sales services, Yildiz Shotgun has gained the confidence of its customers and it exports 95% of its total production across 65 different countries ranging from Europe to Asia, from North America to Africa.


Yildiz Shotgun treats each customer with special care. We have recently added new products into our product range for collectors. Yildiz Shotgun has started producing custom made guns which have colored stocks with dark grains, are hand engraved and are presented in special packages. It is our pleasure to announce that our company is considered as a good example of environmentally friendly production among the other industrial companies. The waste materials are disposed of by the Ministry of Environment and Germany licensed companies. Yildiz Shotgun is also proud to contribute to the development of shooting sports and the wild life by sponsoring the hunting and rifle clubs in and around the city of Burdur and the Mediterranean region.


We are very happy to be a worldwide known company.



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